Monday, August 2, 2010

So Glad It's Not Just us....

I know it has been FOREVER since I have updated last. Alton has started preschool and is doing tremendously well there. We started him two days a week so he could get used to school and he adjusted VERY quickly. He was that kid that enters the class room, drops off his back pack and takes off without saying good bye to his mama.

In most ways I am proud that he is so secure that he is comfortable enough to just enjoy school and not have any separation anxiety... a tiny part of me wishes he would miss me a little.

 Alton has started swimming lessons as well. He has mostly gotten over his fear of water... but it's still there a little bit and he does not float on his back well. I know it will come in time, but he's just not there yet.

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 With the arrival of Alton's third birthday, we have taken delivery of a truck-load of attitude. I have talked to other girlfriends with little people Alton's age, and they all assure me that their children have developed the same personality quirk. So while it does not make it any easier to deal with, it does make me feel LOADS better that it's not just us that are dealing with a three year old diva. Is there a male version of that word? There's gotta be!

One thing the truck load of attitude has done is causing me to spend a LOT more time in prayer. I have never raised a three year old before. I pray DAILY for wisdom and patience. I want to raise an independent, creative thinker who loves God and is obedient to His word. If I could just get him to listen to me the first time I ask him to do something, I would be so happy.

Alton's behavior outside them home is getting a LOT better. After reading a library book or two on sharing and just 3+ weeks of pre-school, Alton has improved his social skills and sharing ability remarkably.

He sings along to songs in the car now, and requests his favorites on the iPod regularly. He is a BIG fan of God is Bigger Than the Boogie Man and Don't Give Me That Broccoli! The latter being repeated at dinner... Le Sigh. I can't say I really blame him about the broccoli.

There is more I am sure, but it is late. If you could pray for a couple of things for me, that would be awesome. One, for more patience and wisdom. I want to be a good mother and I want to raise an obedient child. Pray that God would help me do that. Secondly, for Alton pray that he would have an obedient heart and that he would want to be an obedient boy. Finally, Travis has a second interview tomorrow and another one later in the week. Help him to do well and to have a clear path about which job to choose if that situation arises. :)

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heathers243 said...

I think we all need prayer for these 3-year-olds to have an obedient heart, lol! We are in the SAME BOAT :)